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“Walk with me and your fashion & style will get better, photography sessions will be easier and you will be a runway model citizen. Who better to write in this genre than a model? Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”

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Do you love modeling, fashion and photography? Then you will feel right at home here. I’m Mukami Njeru, a Christian, law student, a Kenyan based Model and fashion lover behind This is an online website I have created geared towards helping and interacting with aspiring models, beginners, fellow models, model enthusiasts and model critics.


I grew up in Embu, Kenya and currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. If Embu is the town that wouldn’t watch you sleep, then Nairobi is the city that never sleeps and I have to balance Law and modeling. I became passionate about modeling back in Kangaru High School when the school organized Miss Journalism Club and it was the first time I saw  girls catwalk. I joined Mount Kenya University (2012) and during my first year the university held its inaugural Mr&Miss University pageant. I did not know how to catwalk or simply put, I knew nothing about modeling, but I prayed, gathered courage, went for the auditions and surprisingly I pushed through for the two day training (six hours). On the third day, I was on a glass runway with six inch heel shoes on, contesting. Sometimes doing your best is not enough; you must do what is required. Miraculously I was crowned Miss Mount Kenya University, a crown which I retained for the rest of my campus life.


I leapt from one inch-kitten heels to six inch-spikes without a chance to learn how to walk the walk. From the beauty pageant videos I could see myself clomping at some point and tripping at another. Sure, you might have experienced this and its okay, but won’t allow it to happen to any beginner.  I learnt not to be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you cannot cross a chasm in two small jumps.

After I was crowned I have been on law books and actively modeling. It feels good to own the MISS title, put a tiara and sash on to all events, feeling all beautiful and appreciated, being able to do society projects with adequate funding and all the benefits that come with the title. It is not always easy to dress up aptly at beck and call like the administration would require me to accompany them to pick guests from the airport, attend Impromptu meetings and conferences and above all having a bevy of malevolent ones making your life uncomfortable as it would for any human. On top of it all I had to deal with the hectic law syllabus. However it all helped me be in the saddle.



I have contested in National, Regional and Continental beauty pageants held in Kenya (losing some and being a runners up in some), but I didn’t and won’t give up because great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning and being grateful. Photo and video shoots have become part of me, I have done advertisements the best being Kenya @ 50 and also done high fashion runway. Been a model choreographer several times (which merely started as an invite to model training session at Vision Institute of Professional Studies). Out of the experience of practicing in front of the mirror and friends, involving myself in surrounding modeling events which I might or not have been invited to and thanks to law school for mental stimulation and intellectual challenges I have become a runway and fashion judge at various universities and colleges across the country.

I have been learning, I’m still determined to contest in other pageants and very ready to learn from the events and you. Inspired  by very many modeling and photography  inquiries from modeling enthusiasts and critics alike, I realized that there are so many asked queries about this field with little or no answers available for all and as such the birth of this blog.


I want something very personal, which will give me the chance to live deeply my modeling journey, share inspirations that stem from the beauty I see in the people , events and modeling instances around me as well as meet and learn from (critics, enthusiasts), lovely fellow models and bloggers. I will maintain simple but effortful modeling tips. I am willing to provide professional modeling services at any level.

I hope you will enjoy following along and will get inspired to explore your whims in this pursuit!!!

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