Fashion Design Copycats

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Hey! Do you know those clothes you envy in a designers collection are difficult to make? Yes! Especially the styles you see on the runway and red carpets.

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Due to unavailability of originals, some of us request our designers to make an imitation of Giorgio Armani design or that Coco Chanel dress. It’s advisable to just let your designer be inspired by the designs than being a “copycat”.

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Can you sketch a design, Can you draft a pattern? Can you sew prototypes? Make a buttonhole? When you place the design on a mannequin-like dress stand can you know how the material will drape or hang on a human form? If the designer is a killer seamstress imitating will be possible.

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Since fashion thrives on imitation of ideas, there’s no harm in being inspired by the silhouette of a designer. So Good luck! Should you really manage to copy a designer’s work, however, be warned. Legally you should be informed that you might be an infringer if the design had a design patent. But many designers fail to protect their designs and therefore their designs end up in other collections.

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Mostly you find, the minute a design is on the catwalk-often 3-7 months before it appears in the stores-someone is copying it. When images of Runway collections are shared across the internet in close to real-time, copies can hit the market before the originals.

And though designers rarely trademark their work, it would be hard to determine if the one you’ve decided to copy has done so. So what happens if you copy and the design was registered? Subscribe and stay updated will blog about it.

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Do you have any issues or comments on the topic you would like us to discuss? Let me know on the comment section & Let’s inform our friends and designers of this intellectual property information by sharing the article.

Dressed By: Designer Eva Owiti
Makeup By: Heer Soni & Shan Sham
Photography By: Ikua Visuals & StevenchY Photography

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The Fashion Show Glamour

Hey! Some months now with nothing up on the blog. The Fashion event I am blogging about, took all my time and energy, but I am excited I am back with more. Organizing the Fashion Show was nerve racking but I marked my fifth year in the Modeling Industry with a great Achievement.

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About three weeks ago, Jarl Entertainment, a new talent management company run by my partners and I in partnership with Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya and EM Models Africa, held its first Fashion show, The 2017 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fashion Show (OCAFS) held at Sentrim Hotel 680 Kenyatta Avenue Nairobi. The Show included Ovarian Cancer Awareness, model support and design Showcasing. The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with love-love for Ovarian Cancer Victims, models and designers.

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Substantially a Fashion Show includes Designers, stylists, photographers and Models. Stakes are too high for a neophyte producer. The cost of producing a Couture Show can run into millions-witness any Galiano’s, Chanel’s’ extravaganzas or any Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, but Jarl Entertainment we were lucky to produce a big show for established designers like Designs by Gitonga, Cittificial Klothing, Menshion, major designers like Eva Owiti, Tuzo Iscah, Gideon’s Fashion Point, Nguzo wear by Sheila, Angelique by Claire and new designers like Sumeiyah Fashion, Kareem Styles, and designer bags by Ezina.



About the Models! Jarl Entertainment being a talent management company has a number of models who have signed in. By now you may have known that High Fashion Runway is very strict with the type of models. The Fashion industry has a thin obsessed culture. Most girls on the designers list are bone-thin while the male models are average built to showcase the cruise and capsule collections. Without an external casting, the company together with our partners EM Models Africa there were enough models to showcase for the fall collection. New models can sign in and our models can be booked for professional modeling jobs by contacting me.


Fashion is indeed a comic world, filled with overblown characters that are tantalizing to some and odious to others. I would encourage all my readers to ensure that you attend at least one Fashion Show a year if not all. Make it real to appear and garner all love and camera flashlights on the Red Carpet Shows, because when you are watching the red carpet through the screens it’s surreal. In real, the part with the cameras is all a bit of performance. Attend fashion events and be informed of fashion & Style and instead of watching models on TV fashion programs or streaming the most trending shows online all through, come watch live and levitate as the models give that Versace walk!

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We were excited to see 20% of our attendees were families affected by Ovarian Cancer and the company was particularly proud of the efforts to reach out to the women community in Kenya with 70% women attending. I thank God, my family, friends and readers for the continued support.


Outfits By: Designer Tuzo Iscah

Hair and Nails By: Angelas Hair Styles

Makeup By: Heer Soni

Photography By: Stephen Rich & Stevenchy Photography  & Ikua Visuals

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