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Do you love modeling, fashion and photography? Then you will feel right at home here. I’m Mukami Njeru, a Christian, law student at Kenya school of Law, a Kenyan based Model and fashion lover behind www.miss-ami.com. This is an online website I have created geared towards helping and interacting with aspiring models, beginners, fellow models, model enthusiasts and model critics.

Sharing being my innate nature, miss-ami becomes your modeling, photography and fashion life insider through advice and inspiration. I will keep sharing my daily model life tips on how to start modeling, runway, photography, model interviews and auditions, general model lifestyle and other fields I interact with while in the modeling industry and the challenges encountered. I have close to five years of personal and professional experience in modeling and I am still learning as I share what I discover.

Inspired  by very many modeling and photography  inquiries from modeling enthusiasts and critics alike, I realized that there are so many asked queries about this field with little or no answers available for all and as such the birth of this blog.

I want something very personal, which will give me the chance to live deeply my modeling journey, share inspirations that stem from the beauty I see in the people , events and modeling instances around me as well as meet and learn from (critics, enthusiasts), lovely fellow models and bloggers. I will maintain simple but effortful modeling tips. Walk with me and your fashion & style will get better, photography sessions will be easier and you will be a runway model citizen. Who better to write in this genre than a model? Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.

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For commercials, bookings, advertisings, collaborations and model interviews please email me at chokunjeru@gmail.com

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AGE:                      23 Years

HEIGHT:               5’7”

BUST:                    33 cm

HIPS:                     33 cm

WAIST:                 25 cm

EYES:                     Brown

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  1. Wow so amazing, redefining modeling, you are set to achieve milestones in this industry, go for it, you got our support.. Proud of you miss-ami

  2. You rock 👌 👌 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯✔✔✔✔
    Keep Moving,
    #optimism, I hope that still works………

  3. Cool stuff Choku, I see you living your dream pretty fast, the zeal with which you scaling up is so tremendous………keep it up cutie, sky is the begging, God bless!

  4. hi choku i like your efforts and you inspire me and very many Kenyans especially the upcoming models.keep it up.I dress up/style people and i have a few clients, i would like to partner with you if you don’t mind.