#6 Things to Do to Be Stylish Everyday

Hey! It’s March already, 2018 is moving really fast. It’s been a total blessing on my side although with normal life hiccups, what about yours?

It can all be a bit overwhelming at times, and it can be hard to know the right things to do all the time when there’s so much information at your disposal.

Stylish simply is being fashionably elegant and Sophisticated. Let’s see what I have for you.

  1. Wear clothes that fit

Fitting clothes flirter your body, satisfy your comfort and make you look stylish.

If there is something in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit, it’s either time to let go or take it to that tailor in your estate.

For me, I pay the tailor several visits in a month despite my busy schedule. It’s so cheap to fix a cloth anyway.

Do you have a personal tailor ? Do your clothes get tailored? Share, let people know it’s okey to have a regular tailor. BTW look for that middle aged tailor like mine. They know what they are doing, they get everything tailored.

photo 1-min (1)

  1. Select the right undergarments

You might be wondering “where are we at?”. Yes, we are at #AmiBlogs and I am the most real person existing on planet earth when it comes to what we wear.

The undergarment is the foundation to a great look and comfort.

Plan for the fabric & silhouette of your look with the right bra, panties, MeUndies boxers or vest that provide that support you need.

No more pant lines no visible undies. Be undergament conscious.

(Topic to be discussed at length).

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  1. Dress for the Weather

It’s not so easy because some times the weather simply can’t make up it’s mind lol.

Mother Nature sometimes takes us on her erratic roller-coaster weather journey.

If it’s that time, dress average as you have to be ready for either the sun heat or rain cold. Wear a warm top/shirt and throw that coat on  just in case. At least either way you will look cool and stylish.

But when it’s sure, yes put on that top/shirt that you will be comfortable in when you remove your coat  since mostly we leave the house on a chilly morning. Some of us put on embarasing tops or shirts and die inside their coats when it gets hot. It’s the high time you stop that. Comfort and being stylish is everything  we want when dressing.

PS: I thank God for the rain. I haven’t been this excited about Rain before. Are you?

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  1. Dress for the occasion

In our lives we have various occasions to attend. If not, I would advise you to try and attend some of the following this 2018 and realise how much fun this life is. I am #UltimateLoverofLife

Weddings, cocktail parties, dinner, business dinner or a company party, Job interview,  religious ceremonies like baptism of your friend’s kid or thanksgiving, a night at the Movies or a first impression (like meeting in-laws) are part of an outgoing social person’s life. As you attend all these events, ensure you are stylish.

Let the invitation, Season/weather and Hour of the occasion be your guide.

Consult about the dress code. Mostly in an event the best dressed and most classic are ones who made an effort to get the dress code memo.

photo 4-min (1)

  1. Anchor your look with one expensive -looking piece

This is almost everything to looking Stylish.

I know most times we go thrift shopping everything but be cautious on some pieces that spice your look.

This piece  might be an expensive classic watch, belt, leather jacket, shoes, that Chloe handbag or sunglasses. Please just ensure its expensive and classic.

Just make sure you invest in one expensive piece this March and see the magic of being Stylish.

photo 5-min (1)

  1. Know when to wear what shoes.

We have various options. Heels, flats, boots, sandals , moccasin or sneakers . Men Oxford shoes, Chukka boots, loafers, rubbers just to mention a few.

No one looks good hobbling  down the street in very high heels lacking comfort or when every man is in a pair of classic  slip-on shoes with no socks (Showing sense of style) , you have your rubbers on. No.

Just like the undergarments, make the right shoe choice always. Men be classic, get a pair of a classic unique loafers this March. It’s no secret Men shoes are a very key determinat to a ladies judgement and your personal confidence.

Ladies don’t get into a espadrille or ballet flat shoe comfort zone. It makes you loose alot,  style and body posture attraction  being some of the things.

photo 6-min

You keep me inspired.

Don’t forget to comment and interact with me. For compliments I love and appreciate so much. Let’s table ideas, what you think about the just concluded topic and answer the random questions in the content above on the comment section below.

Through your Questions & interaction with me you will get quality content on topics you request. And FIY most of the above tips will be discussed at length in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned! Xoxo❤

Photography By: VivaciousMediaPro

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#10 Tips on How to be Confident

Want to boost your confidence?

Hell yeah you do-who wouldn’t? Being confident opens up doors, gets you that dream job and it gets you a dream man or woman because we live in an aesthetically focused and superficial society. Fortunately, there are simple things we can do to boost our confidence.

1. Wear perfume

Spritz yourself with your favourite scent that can last long.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetics Sciences found that men wearing a fragrance behaved more confidently to the extent that women rate them as more attractive  than their fragrance -free counterparts.

Who isn’t attracted to good scent anyway? Try wearing perfume and see your confidence boost.

photo 1-min

  1. Dress better

Yes I will remind my readers again and again. Remember my call to being fashion conscious?

Waking up in the morning, putting on that ironed (never assume your outfit is crease free-yes we all notice), perfect fit, slapping on that Vincero watch on your wrist and taking on your day should be a routine.

By dressing better, your confidence is already boosted by knowing how many compliments you will get throughout the day. Do you know the power of compliments?

  1. Accept compliments and compliment others

This works perfect for me.

The other day I complimented a lady on her beautiful cotton top .  She said “Oh,  it’s cheap. I got it for 20bob at the thrift market”.Instead of justifying herself, she could have just accepted my compliment and said “thank you “.

The justification makes you walk away thinking, oh why did I have to explain all that? Negative confidence issues begin.

photo 2-min

  1. Make eye contact

I know it can be difficult. So start practising with your friends.

You are talking to a person? Focus on one eye. Don’t wander on both eyes or all over their face, it feels awkward.

If it’s still difficult, look at one eyebrow, it is so close to the eye. They will assume you are looking in their  eyes. #Lifehacks

It makes you trustworthy, honest & sincere.

  1. Listen to your Best Song(s).

We all have certain songs that make us feel pumped up and raring to go.

Download the track, play it before you leave the house and anytime you need a confidence boost.

photo 3-min

  1. Give firm handshakes.

A handshake is the unspoken word that initiates a conversation. So it has to be right.

Give a not weak, not too firm (it can be painful you know),  not so quick  but simply a firm handshake to your boss,  lecturer, colleague, interviewer or that new person you are meeting.

  1. Never get late

When we say keep time it’s like an obligation. What about don’t get late? Late is scary huh!

It is the easiest yet most difficult thing to achieve today.

Being punctual proves you as reliable. It boosts your confidence. Let’s not forget how confused and hard you breathe while you run late. You loose it all.

Keeping time is satisfying. It shows that you value your time and that of others.

photo 4-min


  1. Walk faster

Is your walk slow,  tired and just painful to watch?

No. Confident people walk faster, with a purpose, like they have places to be, people to see,  deadlines to meet and planes to catch. (Even if there is none). They look important.

  1. Speak slowly

Not very slowly though.

This is my weakness. If you happen to have interacted with me before, I talk fast. Oh oh! I have been working on it.

When you speak slowly people will be more likely to hear and understand  what you are saying and you will get more time to think your words through and you will feel more in control of the conversation.


  1. Take care of your mouth, teeth, hands and feet.

Invest in a good mouth freshener, teeth whitener, hand lotion and at least a nail cutter. Men,yes you too.

Visit your dentist twice a year.

photo 5-min

Don’t be the kind who unknowingly chases everyone away because of bad breath and rough heels that your small sister or partner can’t share a couch or bed with you because they fear that the calluses on your feet might scratch their soft skin. It’s that serious. You will wonder why people don’t like being around you.

Wondered why every day seems like a bad day for you?  Might be esteem issues. Say No to that.

This year am I interested in covering topics proposed by you. Let’s try the above tips and interact with me below, tell me if you think they gonna help you boost your confidence and other topics you want me to cover.


Don’t forget to share (your friends need this too), subscribe below and follow me on my Socials. Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

Photography by vivacious Media Production

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Know about models & product Photography


“A picture is worth a thousand online sales”


Hey! Doing fine I believe. On this side we had a great achievement of being the face behind Enkaya Designs, Shooting with Wachira one of the best product photographers, an awesome Makeup Artist Sly and working with the Purple Kanga Brand. Fashion product sale is getting a wide marketplace online like Purple Kanga site.

_MG_7533-2 - Copy

As a product owner, one needs to show potential customers products in their best light & high quality images. After all, the image is the only visual confirmation before a buyer pays. This calls for good professional photography.


For the buyer, one needs to see and know how the product can be used or worn. It helps put the products into a lifestyle frame of mind. There is an option of using a mannequin but a model makes it more real.

_MG_7681 - Copy

In product photography, the task of finding a model shouldn’t be taken easily. One needs a good professional Model because he/she will ultimately become the face of the brand for a season at least. Some models are skilled with product photography the likes of Anjili Laura.


As a model, one is super lucky to work for a brand. Interested to know more? It’s tiring yes! But so much fun, pays well depending on each contract and most importantly you get competent professional photos for your portfolio since portfolios include variety & display experience. Product shoot photos result as the best since the product owner, the online brand shop, the brand Photographer put all their skills & efforts to perfect the photos.


You can now purchase that Enkaya designed jewellery, el_afrique designed dashiki or PK hoodie tops among other designs. Looking forward to doing more of this, helping product owners & purchasers and models learn more about it and how to get such opportunities.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Makeup By: Glamgirlsly

Photography By: Mwangiwachira

Designs By: Enkaya Designs

Brand: Purple Kanga

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Fashion Design Copycats

DSC_0115 (1)-min

Hey! Do you know those clothes you envy in a designers collection are difficult to make? Yes! Especially the styles you see on the runway and red carpets.

2017-05-11 14.09.29-min

Due to unavailability of originals, some of us request our designers to make an imitation of Giorgio Armani design or that Coco Chanel dress. It’s advisable to just let your designer be inspired by the designs than being a “copycat”.

2017-05-11 13.57.252-min

Can you sketch a design, Can you draft a pattern? Can you sew prototypes? Make a buttonhole? When you place the design on a mannequin-like dress stand can you know how the material will drape or hang on a human form? If the designer is a killer seamstress imitating will be possible.

2017-05-11 14.05.37 (1)-min

Since fashion thrives on imitation of ideas, there’s no harm in being inspired by the silhouette of a designer. So Good luck! Should you really manage to copy a designer’s work, however, be warned. Legally you should be informed that you might be an infringer if the design had a design patent. But many designers fail to protect their designs and therefore their designs end up in other collections.

DSC_0114 (1)-min

Mostly you find, the minute a design is on the catwalk-often 3-7 months before it appears in the stores-someone is copying it. When images of Runway collections are shared across the internet in close to real-time, copies can hit the market before the originals.

And though designers rarely trademark their work, it would be hard to determine if the one you’ve decided to copy has done so. So what happens if you copy and the design was registered? Subscribe and stay updated will blog about it.

DSC_0113 (1)-min

Do you have any issues or comments on the topic you would like us to discuss? Let me know on the comment section & Let’s inform our friends and designers of this intellectual property information by sharing the article.

Dressed By: Designer Eva Owiti
Makeup By: Heer Soni & Shan Sham
Photography By: Ikua Visuals & StevenchY Photography

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The Fashion Show Glamour

Hey! Some months now with nothing up on the blog. The Fashion event I am blogging about, took all my time and energy, but I am excited I am back with more. Organizing the Fashion Show was nerve racking but I marked my fifth year in the Modeling Industry with a great Achievement.

DSC_0721 (1)-min

About three weeks ago, Jarl Entertainment, a new talent management company run by my partners and I in partnership with Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya and EM Models Africa, held its first Fashion show, The 2017 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fashion Show (OCAFS) held at Sentrim Hotel 680 Kenyatta Avenue Nairobi. The Show included Ovarian Cancer Awareness, model support and design Showcasing. The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with love-love for Ovarian Cancer Victims, models and designers.

DSC_0723 (1)-min

Substantially a Fashion Show includes Designers, stylists, photographers and Models. Stakes are too high for a neophyte producer. The cost of producing a Couture Show can run into millions-witness any Galiano’s, Chanel’s’ extravaganzas or any Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, but Jarl Entertainment we were lucky to produce a big show for established designers like Designs by Gitonga, Cittificial Klothing, Menshion, major designers like Eva Owiti, Tuzo Iscah, Gideon’s Fashion Point, Nguzo wear by Sheila, Angelique by Claire and new designers like Sumeiyah Fashion, Kareem Styles, and designer bags by Ezina.



About the Models! Jarl Entertainment being a talent management company has a number of models who have signed in. By now you may have known that High Fashion Runway is very strict with the type of models. The Fashion industry has a thin obsessed culture. Most girls on the designers list are bone-thin while the male models are average built to showcase the cruise and capsule collections. Without an external casting, the company together with our partners EM Models Africa there were enough models to showcase for the fall collection. New models can sign in and our models can be booked for professional modeling jobs by contacting me.


Fashion is indeed a comic world, filled with overblown characters that are tantalizing to some and odious to others. I would encourage all my readers to ensure that you attend at least one Fashion Show a year if not all. Make it real to appear and garner all love and camera flashlights on the Red Carpet Shows, because when you are watching the red carpet through the screens it’s surreal. In real, the part with the cameras is all a bit of performance. Attend fashion events and be informed of fashion & Style and instead of watching models on TV fashion programs or streaming the most trending shows online all through, come watch live and levitate as the models give that Versace walk!

iqua_visuals-108 (1)

We were excited to see 20% of our attendees were families affected by Ovarian Cancer and the company was particularly proud of the efforts to reach out to the women community in Kenya with 70% women attending. I thank God, my family, friends and readers for the continued support.


Outfits By: Designer Tuzo Iscah

Hair and Nails By: Angelas Hair Styles

Makeup By: Heer Soni

Photography By: Stephen Rich & Stevenchy Photography  & Ikua Visuals

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The call to being fashion conscious

Hi! It’s been a minute. Happy New Year!

“It’s not about a total wardrobe overhaul or dropping tons of cash on the Season’s biggest trend. Real style starts with you”


Fashion! Style! Trends! We are aiming at being Fashionable. Appearance matters, do not forget, people have and will continue to judge you by your appearance. Before you open your mouth you have been sized up and profiled.


You need to be fashion conscious. You might blame it on your profession, like say to yourself, I work at the laboratory and always have a lab coat on, or my profession is so casual or so strict (like the legal profession) so I can’t be fashionable. Others will reason that there is no need to pull together the best outfit today since I just have one class and later am not meeting up with anyone. It’s disturbing how that one day that you decide not to care about your looks is when you bump into that one person you have always wanted to get a sparkle of you as a trendy person. Or who knows, someone important might walk into your office or classroom over lunch break looking for you.


Most importantly it’s worth noting that it’s not always about dressing to please. Dressing fashionably should play the key satisfaction of boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Remember, there is no room for “a day to dress down” or walk in your loose PJs thinking you will convince anyone you are being creative.


The fashionable chics and gents you see in the streets, on Shows or on socials like Instagram and Pinterest aren’t Superhuman. They are just aware and well prepared. If you do not see them walking around in creased clothes, dresses covered in moth holes, trousers decked with trailing hems, scuffed shoes, dragging sandals in town or hobbling in painful heels, it’s not because those things can’t happen to them, it’s because they know how to deal.


Being fashionable can be a struggle at times and for most people whether a model or not. The questions like what to wear, how to wear it, what accessories go with which outfit, what kind of socks to put on for gents and the questions go on and on. Do you realize that as you grow, the lesser you want to look like everyone else? Not ready to wear what is popular because you might be wearing the same outfit with every Tom Dick and Harry on the streets?Yes! You are able to differentiate uniformity and trends plus kudos you got the right sense of style.


For you to be fashionable, you need fashionable wardrobe items. They must not be expensive (Do not break the bank), less expensive items can work just as well. Fashionable cheap clothes require effort to find. Not all expensive things are nice, some look to me like they come from Imelda Marcos’s garage sale. The difference is that for the expensive stuff you just need to pick at the mall or store shelves but for cheap stuff it requires some nosing out on your part.


Before getting items know your body type since body type is the number 1 determinant, know or identify your personal style by jotting down your traits since your style defines your personality. Know also how much is too much to spend on an outfit and lastly know places to find and buy fashionable items such as local stores like Store 66, Woolworths, Deacons, Mr price, Open Markets like Toi and Gikomba or online shops such as Sasha Collections and MIMI.


The key secret of remaining fashionable is by watching worldwide fashion trends on international shows and events, read blogs, follow the fashionable men and women on socials and read top fashion magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Instyle, Cosmo, VMAN of V magazine and all others more easy if you do so online. I would advice that as you follow trends, there are trends that fade out quickly so be keen to avoid purchasing tons of such outfits. If you are completely new in being fashionable, following trends or reading about fashion might not help big-time. Ask a friend to tell you what looks good on you or tag along a friend who understands fashion while going to shop for them to tell you what flatters your body. (Or simply contact me through mail on the contact page).


Review your current wardrobe and create new outfits using a combination of new and old items. Unless you are a Calvin Klein or Victoria Secret Model, it might take time to purchase a new wardrobe. You might have what you need in your Wadrobe, just check, if not we will go into knowing where to start together.


Do not forget to be simple. Simplicity regards the outfit, accessories, makeup, haircuts and hairdo’s. Remember once you over do, it will scare people away.To be fashionable Darling, you do not have to put on expensive clothes, master some complex styling tricks or wear the trendiest outfits. You might not be carrying the channel swag about your person, but you still looking good so enjoy it!!







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Model and lifestyle blog by miss Ami – Life of a model: Miss Ami


“Walk with me and your fashion & style will get better, photography sessions will be easier and you will be a runway model citizen. Who better to write in this genre than a model? Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog

Do you love modeling, fashion and photography? Then you will feel right at home here. I’m Mukami Njeru, a Christian, law student, a Kenyan based Model and fashion lover behind www.miss-ami.com. This is an online website I have created geared towards helping and interacting with aspiring models, beginners, fellow models, model enthusiasts and model critics.


I grew up in Embu, Kenya and currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. If Embu is the town that wouldn’t watch you sleep, then Nairobi is the city that never sleeps and I have to balance Law and modeling. I became passionate about modeling back in Kangaru High School when the school organized Miss Journalism Club and it was the first time I saw  girls catwalk. I joined Mount Kenya University (2012) and during my first year the university held its inaugural Mr&Miss University pageant. I did not know how to catwalk or simply put, I knew nothing about modeling, but I prayed, gathered courage, went for the auditions and surprisingly I pushed through for the two day training (six hours). On the third day, I was on a glass runway with six inch heel shoes on, contesting. Sometimes doing your best is not enough; you must do what is required. Miraculously I was crowned Miss Mount Kenya University, a crown which I retained for the rest of my campus life.


I leapt from one inch-kitten heels to six inch-spikes without a chance to learn how to walk the walk. From the beauty pageant videos I could see myself clomping at some point and tripping at another. Sure, you might have experienced this and its okay, but won’t allow it to happen to any beginner.  I learnt not to be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you cannot cross a chasm in two small jumps.

After I was crowned I have been on law books and actively modeling. It feels good to own the MISS title, put a tiara and sash on to all events, feeling all beautiful and appreciated, being able to do society projects with adequate funding and all the benefits that come with the title. It is not always easy to dress up aptly at beck and call like the administration would require me to accompany them to pick guests from the airport, attend Impromptu meetings and conferences and above all having a bevy of malevolent ones making your life uncomfortable as it would for any human. On top of it all I had to deal with the hectic law syllabus. However it all helped me be in the saddle.



I have contested in National, Regional and Continental beauty pageants held in Kenya (losing some and being a runners up in some), but I didn’t and won’t give up because great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning and being grateful. Photo and video shoots have become part of me, I have done advertisements the best being Kenya @ 50 and also done high fashion runway. Been a model choreographer several times (which merely started as an invite to model training session at Vision Institute of Professional Studies). Out of the experience of practicing in front of the mirror and friends, involving myself in surrounding modeling events which I might or not have been invited to and thanks to law school for mental stimulation and intellectual challenges I have become a runway and fashion judge at various universities and colleges across the country.

I have been learning, I’m still determined to contest in other pageants and very ready to learn from the events and you. Inspired  by very many modeling and photography  inquiries from modeling enthusiasts and critics alike, I realized that there are so many asked queries about this field with little or no answers available for all and as such the birth of this blog.


I want something very personal, which will give me the chance to live deeply my modeling journey, share inspirations that stem from the beauty I see in the people , events and modeling instances around me as well as meet and learn from (critics, enthusiasts), lovely fellow models and bloggers. I will maintain simple but effortful modeling tips. I am willing to provide professional modeling services at any level.

I hope you will enjoy following along and will get inspired to explore your whims in this pursuit!!!

Do not forget to leave a comment below and interact with me.

For commercials, bookings, advertisings, collaborations and model interviews please email me at chokunjeru@gmail.com

Do not forget to say “hello” on my socials.


INSTAGRAM:     @ mss_ami

FACEBOOK:        mss ami

TWITTER:             @mss ami

PINTEREST:         mss ami

SNAPCHAT:        mss ami



MakeUp by: ZamonapKenya

Shoes by: ChocoJoy

Dress by: Iryncollecection

Photography by: Perrpixxphotography




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