Fashion Design Copycats

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Hey! Do you know those clothes you envy in a designers collection are difficult to make? Yes! Especially the styles you see on the runway and red carpets.

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Due to unavailability of originals, some of us request our designers to make an imitation of Giorgio Armani design or that Coco Chanel dress. It’s advisable to just let your designer be inspired by the designs than being a “copycat”.

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Can you sketch a design, Can you draft a pattern? Can you sew prototypes? Make a buttonhole? When you place the design on a mannequin-like dress stand can you know how the material will drape or hang on a human form? If the designer is a killer seamstress imitating will be possible.

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Since fashion thrives on imitation of ideas, there’s no harm in being inspired by the silhouette of a designer. So Good luck! Should you really manage to copy a designer’s work, however, be warned. Legally you should be informed that you might be an infringer if the design had a design patent. But many designers fail to protect their designs and therefore their designs end up in other collections.

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Mostly you find, the minute a design is on the catwalk-often 3-7 months before it appears in the stores-someone is copying it. When images of Runway collections are shared across the internet in close to real-time, copies can hit the market before the originals.

And though designers rarely trademark their work, it would be hard to determine if the one you’ve decided to copy has done so. So what happens if you copy and the design was registered? Subscribe and stay updated will blog about it.

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Do you have any issues or comments on the topic you would like us to discuss? Let me know on the comment section & Let’s inform our friends and designers of this intellectual property information by sharing the article.

Dressed By: Designer Eva Owiti
Makeup By: Heer Soni & Shan Sham
Photography By: Ikua Visuals & StevenchY Photography

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  1. Educating them both about the fashion industry and legal aspects and essentials in relation to fashion design..i like ???

  2. So true copying a design is quite alot of work….for me as a designer it’s much easier sketching something from my mind, drafting, cutting and stitching I don’t know if this happens to me alone but every time I copy a design the end result is never as perfect as the original one.

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