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“A picture is worth a thousand online sales”


Hey! Doing fine I believe. On this side we had a great achievement of being the face behind Enkaya Designs, Shooting with Wachira one of the best product photographers, an awesome Makeup Artist Sly and working with the Purple Kanga Brand. Fashion product sale is getting a wide marketplace online like Purple Kanga site.

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As a product owner, one needs to show potential customers products in their best light & high quality images. After all, the image is the only visual confirmation before a buyer pays. This calls for good professional photography.


For the buyer, one needs to see and know how the product can be used or worn. It helps put the products into a lifestyle frame of mind. There is an option of using a mannequin but a model makes it more real.

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In product photography, the task of finding a model shouldn’t be taken easily. One needs a good professional Model because he/she will ultimately become the face of the brand for a season at least. Some models are skilled with product photography the likes of Anjili Laura.


As a model, one is super lucky to work for a brand. Interested to know more? It’s tiring yes! But so much fun, pays well depending on each contract and most importantly you get competent professional photos for your portfolio since portfolios include variety & display experience. Product shoot photos result as the best since the product owner, the online brand shop, the brand Photographer put all their skills & efforts to perfect the photos.


You can now purchase that Enkaya designed jewellery, el_afrique designed dashiki or PK hoodie tops among other designs. Looking forward to doing more of this, helping product owners & purchasers and models learn more about it and how to get such opportunities.


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Makeup By: Glamgirlsly

Photography By: Mwangiwachira

Designs By: Enkaya Designs

Brand: Purple Kanga

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  1. I looove this post?…very educative for brands out here, gives a good direction. Thank you so much. It was amazing working with you love. Looking forward to many more. ???

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