#10 Tips on How to be Confident

Want to boost your confidence?

Hell yeah you do-who wouldn’t? Being confident opens up doors, gets you that dream job and it gets you a dream man or woman because we live in an aesthetically focused and superficial society. Fortunately, there are simple things we can do to boost our confidence.

1. Wear perfume

Spritz yourself with your favourite scent that can last long.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetics Sciences found that men wearing a fragrance behaved more confidently to the extent that women rate them as more attractive  than their fragrance -free counterparts.

Who isn’t attracted to good scent anyway? Try wearing perfume and see your confidence boost.

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  1. Dress better

Yes I will remind my readers again and again. Remember my call to being fashion conscious?

Waking up in the morning, putting on that ironed (never assume your outfit is crease free-yes we all notice), perfect fit, slapping on that Vincero watch on your wrist and taking on your day should be a routine.

By dressing better, your confidence is already boosted by knowing how many compliments you will get throughout the day. Do you know the power of compliments?

  1. Accept compliments and compliment others

This works perfect for me.

The other day I complimented a lady on her beautiful cotton top .  She said “Oh,  it’s cheap. I got it for 20bob at the thrift market”.Instead of justifying herself, she could have just accepted my compliment and said “thank you “.

The justification makes you walk away thinking, oh why did I have to explain all that? Negative confidence issues begin.

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  1. Make eye contact

I know it can be difficult. So start practising with your friends.

You are talking to a person? Focus on one eye. Don’t wander on both eyes or all over their face, it feels awkward.

If it’s still difficult, look at one eyebrow, it is so close to the eye. They will assume you are looking in their  eyes. #Lifehacks

It makes you trustworthy, honest & sincere.

  1. Listen to your Best Song(s).

We all have certain songs that make us feel pumped up and raring to go.

Download the track, play it before you leave the house and anytime you need a confidence boost.

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  1. Give firm handshakes.

A handshake is the unspoken word that initiates a conversation. So it has to be right.

Give a not weak, not too firm (it can be painful you know),  not so quick  but simply a firm handshake to your boss,  lecturer, colleague, interviewer or that new person you are meeting.

  1. Never get late

When we say keep time it’s like an obligation. What about don’t get late? Late is scary huh!

It is the easiest yet most difficult thing to achieve today.

Being punctual proves you as reliable. It boosts your confidence. Let’s not forget how confused and hard you breathe while you run late. You loose it all.

Keeping time is satisfying. It shows that you value your time and that of others.

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  1. Walk faster

Is your walk slow,  tired and just painful to watch?

No. Confident people walk faster, with a purpose, like they have places to be, people to see,  deadlines to meet and planes to catch. (Even if there is none). They look important.

  1. Speak slowly

Not very slowly though.

This is my weakness. If you happen to have interacted with me before, I talk fast. Oh oh! I have been working on it.

When you speak slowly people will be more likely to hear and understand  what you are saying and you will get more time to think your words through and you will feel more in control of the conversation.


  1. Take care of your mouth, teeth, hands and feet.

Invest in a good mouth freshener, teeth whitener, hand lotion and at least a nail cutter. Men,yes you too.

Visit your dentist twice a year.

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Don’t be the kind who unknowingly chases everyone away because of bad breath and rough heels that your small sister or partner can’t share a couch or bed with you because they fear that the calluses on your feet might scratch their soft skin. It’s that serious. You will wonder why people don’t like being around you.

Wondered why every day seems like a bad day for you?  Might be esteem issues. Say No to that.

This year am I interested in covering topics proposed by you. Let’s try the above tips and interact with me below, tell me if you think they gonna help you boost your confidence and other topics you want me to cover.


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