#6 Things to Do to Be Stylish Everyday

Hey! It’s March already, 2018 is moving really fast. It’s been a total blessing on my side although with normal life hiccups, what about yours?

It can all be a bit overwhelming at times, and it can be hard to know the right things to do all the time when there’s so much information at your disposal.

Stylish simply is being fashionably elegant and Sophisticated. Let’s see what I have for you.

  1. Wear clothes that fit

Fitting clothes flirter your body, satisfy your comfort and make you look stylish.

If there is something in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit, it’s either time to let go or take it to that tailor in your estate.

For me, I pay the tailor several visits in a month despite my busy schedule. It’s so cheap to fix a cloth anyway.

Do you have a personal tailor ? Do your clothes get tailored? Share, let people know it’s okey to have a regular tailor. BTW look for that middle aged tailor like mine. They know what they are doing, they get everything tailored.

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  1. Select the right undergarments

You might be wondering “where are we at?”. Yes, we are at #AmiBlogs and I am the most real person existing on planet earth when it comes to what we wear.

The undergarment is the foundation to a great look and comfort.

Plan for the fabric & silhouette of your look with the right bra, panties, MeUndies boxers or vest that provide that support you need.

No more pant lines no visible undies. Be undergament conscious.

(Topic to be discussed at length).

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  1. Dress for the Weather

It’s not so easy because some times the weather simply can’t make up it’s mind lol.

Mother Nature sometimes takes us on her erratic roller-coaster weather journey.

If it’s that time, dress average as you have to be ready for either the sun heat or rain cold. Wear a warm top/shirt and throw that coat on  just in case. At least either way you will look cool and stylish.

But when it’s sure, yes put on that top/shirt that you will be comfortable in when you remove your coat  since mostly we leave the house on a chilly morning. Some of us put on embarasing tops or shirts and die inside their coats when it gets hot. It’s the high time you stop that. Comfort and being stylish is everything  we want when dressing.

PS: I thank God for the rain. I haven’t been this excited about Rain before. Are you?

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  1. Dress for the occasion

In our lives we have various occasions to attend. If not, I would advise you to try and attend some of the following this 2018 and realise how much fun this life is. I am #UltimateLoverofLife

Weddings, cocktail parties, dinner, business dinner or a company party, Job interview,  religious ceremonies like baptism of your friend’s kid or thanksgiving, a night at the Movies or a first impression (like meeting in-laws) are part of an outgoing social person’s life. As you attend all these events, ensure you are stylish.

Let the invitation, Season/weather and Hour of the occasion be your guide.

Consult about the dress code. Mostly in an event the best dressed and most classic are ones who made an effort to get the dress code memo.

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  1. Anchor your look with one expensive -looking piece

This is almost everything to looking Stylish.

I know most times we go thrift shopping everything but be cautious on some pieces that spice your look.

This piece  might be an expensive classic watch, belt, leather jacket, shoes, that Chloe handbag or sunglasses. Please just ensure its expensive and classic.

Just make sure you invest in one expensive piece this March and see the magic of being Stylish.

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  1. Know when to wear what shoes.

We have various options. Heels, flats, boots, sandals , moccasin or sneakers . Men Oxford shoes, Chukka boots, loafers, rubbers just to mention a few.

No one looks good hobbling  down the street in very high heels lacking comfort or when every man is in a pair of classic  slip-on shoes with no socks (Showing sense of style) , you have your rubbers on. No.

Just like the undergarments, make the right shoe choice always. Men be classic, get a pair of a classic unique loafers this March. It’s no secret Men shoes are a very key determinat to a ladies judgement and your personal confidence.

Ladies don’t get into a espadrille or ballet flat shoe comfort zone. It makes you loose alot,  style and body posture attraction  being some of the things.

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You keep me inspired.

Don’t forget to comment and interact with me. For compliments I love and appreciate so much. Let’s table ideas, what you think about the just concluded topic and answer the random questions in the content above on the comment section below.

Through your Questions & interaction with me you will get quality content on topics you request. And FIY most of the above tips will be discussed at length in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned! Xoxo❤

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