The call to being fashion conscious

Hi! It’s been a minute. Happy New Year!

“It’s not about a total wardrobe overhaul or dropping tons of cash on the Season’s biggest trend. Real style starts with you”


Fashion! Style! Trends! We are aiming at being Fashionable. Appearance matters, do not forget, people have and will continue to judge you by your appearance. Before you open your mouth you have been sized up and profiled.


You need to be fashion conscious. You might blame it on your profession, like say to yourself, I work at the laboratory and always have a lab coat on, or my profession is so casual or so strict (like the legal profession) so I can’t be fashionable. Others will reason that there is no need to pull together the best outfit today since I just have one class and later am not meeting up with anyone. It’s disturbing how that one day that you decide not to care about your looks is when you bump into that one person you have always wanted to get a sparkle of you as a trendy person. Or who knows, someone important might walk into your office or classroom over lunch break looking for you.


Most importantly it’s worth noting that it’s not always about dressing to please. Dressing fashionably should play the key satisfaction of boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Remember, there is no room for “a day to dress down” or walk in your loose PJs thinking you will convince anyone you are being creative.


The fashionable chics and gents you see in the streets, on Shows or on socials like Instagram and Pinterest aren’t Superhuman. They are just aware and well prepared. If you do not see them walking around in creased clothes, dresses covered in moth holes, trousers decked with trailing hems, scuffed shoes, dragging sandals in town or hobbling in painful heels, it’s not because those things can’t happen to them, it’s because they know how to deal.


Being fashionable can be a struggle at times and for most people whether a model or not. The questions like what to wear, how to wear it, what accessories go with which outfit, what kind of socks to put on for gents and the questions go on and on. Do you realize that as you grow, the lesser you want to look like everyone else? Not ready to wear what is popular because you might be wearing the same outfit with every Tom Dick and Harry on the streets?Yes! You are able to differentiate uniformity and trends plus kudos you got the right sense of style.


For you to be fashionable, you need fashionable wardrobe items. They must not be expensive (Do not break the bank), less expensive items can work just as well. Fashionable cheap clothes require effort to find. Not all expensive things are nice, some look to me like they come from Imelda Marcos’s garage sale. The difference is that for the expensive stuff you just need to pick at the mall or store shelves but for cheap stuff it requires some nosing out on your part.


Before getting items know your body type since body type is the number 1 determinant, know or identify your personal style by jotting down your traits since your style defines your personality. Know also how much is too much to spend on an outfit and lastly know places to find and buy fashionable items such as local stores like Store 66, Woolworths, Deacons, Mr price, Open Markets like Toi and Gikomba or online shops such as Sasha Collections and MIMI.


The key secret of remaining fashionable is by watching worldwide fashion trends on international shows and events, read blogs, follow the fashionable men and women on socials and read top fashion magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Instyle, Cosmo, VMAN of V magazine and all others more easy if you do so online. I would advice that as you follow trends, there are trends that fade out quickly so be keen to avoid purchasing tons of such outfits. If you are completely new in being fashionable, following trends or reading about fashion might not help big-time. Ask a friend to tell you what looks good on you or tag along a friend who understands fashion while going to shop for them to tell you what flatters your body. (Or simply contact me through mail on the contact page).


Review your current wardrobe and create new outfits using a combination of new and old items. Unless you are a Calvin Klein or Victoria Secret Model, it might take time to purchase a new wardrobe. You might have what you need in your Wadrobe, just check, if not we will go into knowing where to start together.


Do not forget to be simple. Simplicity regards the outfit, accessories, makeup, haircuts and hairdo’s. Remember once you over do, it will scare people away.To be fashionable Darling, you do not have to put on expensive clothes, master some complex styling tricks or wear the trendiest outfits. You might not be carrying the channel swag about your person, but you still looking good so enjoy it!!







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  1. Nice. That is quite inspiring. To look good does not mean you have to get the most expensive clothes. THUMBS UP ???

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